Street Food Safety Campaign – Agbara zone outreach

Posted by Adewale Oseni

On September 18, 2019

The Agbara zone of NIFST(in collaboration with our members in the NYSC) carried the Street Food Safety Campaign to the Agbara and Morogbo markets along Lagos-Badagry Express road last week Friday.
NIFST Agbara zone used the opportunity to sensitize the food handlers/ sellers on wholesome/acceptable food handling practices.

Members met with each market leaders before the event to mobilise the food sellers (especially the meat and fish sellers)

On that day, the Agbara zone Nifsters defiled the rain and unfavourable weather conditions, but went all out en-masse to discuss good food hygiene practices with the market food sellers and appealed to them to stop any sharp or dirty practices that will render food unsafe for consumption.

Members also spoke with some fruit sellers and informed them that sharp practices such as use of tyres to burn off animals hair, carbide to ripen fruits, washing fruits and vegetables with dirty water and colouring palm oil with Susan IV were not right. They were then advised to always allow the fruits to go through natural ripening processes, sell palm oil as it is and wash fruits and vegetables with clean water. The meat and fish sellers were advised to keep their items in show glasses or using net to protect from house fly and other pests.

The market food sellers were further informed that safe food handling will help prevent illnesses such as cancers, typhoid, diarrhoea and even death.

The occasion was also used to donate some net caps and nose masks to the food handlers. They were thought how to use these items. The food handlers were really excited and appreciative of NIFST gesture. They promised to continue using these items henceforth.

The team used the opportunity to pay homage to our dear veteran Alhaji Solabi GAS in his office. It was indeed a great experience for the upcoming professionals amongst us as Alhaji Solabi motivated the team with words of encouragement.


Fred Popoola FNIST (Zonal Coordinator) Agbara zone

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