Good and Abundant Food for all through service to humanity and Country, resulting in food security and the well being of Nigerians.


To harness the abundance of Talent, Knowledge and Skills among Food Professionals in Nigeria towards Food Sufficiency and Good Nutrition of the Masses.


The Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) is the only Registered Non-Profit Making Body representing Food Professionals drawn from the Academia, Industry, Government and Research Institutes in Nigeria. The Mission of the Institute is a reflection of the Rich Human Resources of NIFST.

NIFST provides professional support to Members and the Food Industry, advances and promotes Food Science and Technology as a Profession cum Discipline and contributes to Nation building. Over forty institutions of higher learning in Nigeria offer this discipline.

Established in 1976, NIFST membership has grown to well over 6,000 members spread across ten active chapters representing all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria. NIFST membership also extends beyond the shores of Nigeria with members resident in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Ghana etc.

In April 1979, NIFST became a certified member of IUFoST and is visibly the largest Body of Food Professionals in Africa today. The National Secretariat of NIFST is situated in Lagos State of Nigeria.

Activities of the Institute include; Consultancy, Symposia, Seminar, Training Workshops, Lecture Series and Career Talks organized either solely or in partnership with other Government Agencies, Research Institutes or Professional Bodies.

Through the teachings and practice of Food Science and Technology, NIFST has contributed tremendously to the phenomenal interests in the study of Food Science and Technology as a course and the growth of the Food Industry in Nigeria.

To date, NIFST has organized 33 Annual National Conferences where members converge to brainstorm, discuss/proffer suggestions on thought-provoking issues related to the Profession, Food Processing and Food Security.

NIFST is responsible for the publication of the Nigerian Food Journal (NIFOJ), which serves as Nigeria’s only organ of information dissemination on current Food/Food Related Research Findings. The Food Journal was first published in 1983 and has remained an annual publication of the Institute to date.

Other publications include:
  • Academic brochures such as Proceedings of Symposia and Seminar, Book of Abstracts of Research Findings
  • Information brochures such as Monthly Newsletter and Quarterly Magazine-THE FOOD FORUM MAGAZINE packaged to serve the Food Industry and the General Public at the grass-root level. NIFST has achieved more than the critical minimum of Scientific and Technological know-how required for the successful provision of Wholesome Foods for Nigerians. The Institute has also promoted job creation, wealth generation and poverty reduction through advanced training workshops to educate, encourage and empower Micro, Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs.

A Board of Trustees and Governing Council pilot the affairs of the Institute. The Governing Council is made up of Principal Officers elected at AGM, Chapter Chairmen, and Chairmen of various Committees constituted for specific assignments. The 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Assistant National Secretary are Chairmen of Corporate Affairs, Scientific/Training and Student Affairs Committees respectively. A staff of five headed by the Administrative Secretary, Mr. Amoo-Onidundu ‘Lanre, runs the Institute’s National Secretariat.

In 2006, the Institute celebrated 30 solid years of impeccable existence and contributions to National growth and development. The 30th Anniversary/Annual Conference was graced by the presence of the Sister Body in South Africa – SAAFoST through a delegation led by Mr. Nigel Sunley. Givaudan, Switzerland was also in attendance

NIFST DAY: National NIFST Day is celebrated Nationwide on 6th June of every year.