Posted by Adaora Anozie

On August 6, 2015

In view of the numerous challenges being faced by Nigerian farmers especially in the rural area, a call has been made to the Federal Government by key stakeholders of the agric sector to be compassionate and intensify efforts to alleviate the plight of the affected national populace.

This clarion call was made by the Chief Executive Officer of Chimande Seed Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Yusuf Ado Kibiya, during a Town Hall Meeting which held in Kano recently on the ravaging effect of Tuta Absoluta– a Tomato disease.

Speaking during the intervention meeting, Kibiya noted that, apart from the Tomato Ebola,- as its being dubbed by farmers in the region, there are quite a number of issues which need to be tackled with urgency.

According to him, the other pressing issues include the need to improve productivity, provision of quality seeds and above all access to market. He stressed the need to tackle the issue of accessing quality seeds, stating that the government can wade in by sourcing for high yield variety of seeds and making it available for purchase rather than their unresponsive stance to the plight of farmers.

Outlining other key issues, Kibiya called for speedy intervention in the transport system by the government. “There is the need for subvention from the government because there are quite a number of factors that are confronting the industry, but the major issue at present, is the infection. Meanwhile, man has to live life, and to do that, he has to eat good food and other component that tomato provides.” He commented.

Culled from Agro Nigeria