Snail farming can thrive in Nigeria – Expert

Posted by Adaora Anozie

On August 27, 2016

Snail farmers in Nigeria have been advised to switch from their old ways and rear other species that are high in demand outside the country.

The advice was given by Prince Adeyanju, the Chief Executive Officer, Wolegate Global Resources Limited.

Prince Adeyanju who noted that the old method of breeding snail, the species and time spent to recoup money invested in the business had made snail farming unattractive in the country, added, however, that Nigeria’s climate is very favourable to breed snail.

Speaking with newsmen ahead of a one-day seminar on new techniques in snail breeding scheduled to take place in Lagos, Prince Adeyanju said, currently snail breeding did not attract much investors because of the duration it took to realise money invested in the business.

He said the duration of rearing snail in the country was 25 months, and that was why banks were not encouraged to give loan to snail breeders.

“Snail breeding is one investment that can yield quick gains if the farmer understands the modern techniques and type of species that are in high demand in Europe, USA and other developed countries,” he said.
Prince Adeyanju quipped that the snail species that Nigerian snail farmers were known for were not in demand overseas because the flesh of these snails was too hard.

He stressed that the preferred snail specie was in high demand and that it took nine months to rear and for recouping of investment to start, adding that it had high return on investment.
The snail farmer said the Helixaspersa Mulla specie grown in a structural ‘curtain method’ which gave the snail the right environment to breed well, was the best, adding that the method had a zero risk level.