Kwara: IITA Trains Farmers On Production of Aflatoxin-Free Maize

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April 2, 2015
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April 2, 2015
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Kwara: IITA Trains Farmers On Production of Aflatoxin-Free Maize

In a bid to mitigate Aflatoxin contamination in maize and groundnuts, farmers in Kwara state have become recent beneficiaries of  a workshop conducted by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture on the appropriate application of Aflasafe.

Speaking to AgroNigeria, the IITA representative in Kwara State, Mr. Ike Kaminus, disclosed that the local specie of maize contains chemicals capable of causing cancer in humans, thus the Research Department of IITA in collaboration with Agriculture Research Service of the United State have discovered an alternative means by which farmers can produce maize free of Aflatoxin by introducing a bio-control product known as Aflasafe.

While giving directives on its application, he noted that 1kg of Aflasafe could be applied before weeding and mulching to 1 hectare of corn farm land, adding that the chemical can be used after 35-40 days of planting to make the necessary influence on Aflatoxin effective.

According to him, the Aflatoxin found to be present in maize by scientists, led to the discovery of Aflasafe which is capable of reducing Aflatoxin chemical, “The Aflasafe influence as soon as it is applied according to instruction and training given to farmers, will neutralize Aflatoxin in the maize.”

He furthermore disclosed that the IITA was working in collaboration with companies that use maize for food production by encouraging them to purchase Aflatoxin-free corn.

Also present at the event, was the Chairman, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Mr. Daniel Ajiboye who advised members of his association to embrace the new trend in maize production, while stressing the need for practical demonstration of the whole exercise to
ensure proper understanding on the application of Aflasafe.

Culled from http://agronigeria.com.ng/2015/04/01/kwara-iita-trains-farmers-on-production-of-aflatoxin-free-maize/

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