GUIDELINES FOR EXTENDED ABSTRACT PREPARATION Oral and poster extended abstracts should be a maximum of three pages (A4) paper size, Microsoft office 97-2003 compatible, 1 inch margin, Times New Romans 12 font and single spacing.
  1. Title: Capital, bold, center aligned.
  2. Author(s): Center aligned, indicate presenting author with an asterisk, use authors’ names followed by the initials
  3. Affiliation(s): Contact information of author(s): center aligned
  4. E-mail: Center aligned; only e-mail of the corresponding author. Align text to the left, justified, arrange each section with title as indicated below, Times New Roman, 12 points, title should be bold, do not capitalize, and leave a space at the end of each section.
  5. Abstracts should include Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, References and not more than one table or figure
  6. Figure/table caption: center aligned caption, 10 points, bold, no crisscross (internal) gridlines
  7. References: maximum of five references. Times New Roman, 10 points, single line spacing, justified. Arrange all references consecutively according to the numbering in the body of the text.
    1. Poster should include abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, references and clearly presented charts, tables and schemes, graphs where applicable.
    2. Poster must be on one sheet flex material not exceeding the 90x120 cm format.
    3. Title should be centered in the upper part, in bold, font size of 80 to 100-points (pts) and Arial or Helvetica readable from 2m or 6m feet away.
    4. Authors name, affiliation, email (corresponding author) centered under the title
    5. Fonts;
    • Main text 24 to 30 pts
    • Headings 50 to 60 pts
    • Photographs minimum of 15 by 20 cm
    • Caption of Tables, Figures and Photographs, 18 pts