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On October 15, 2014

1.0 IUFOST 17th World Congress of Food Science & Technology 2014
The congress was attended by Dr. Bola Osinowo, the Chairman, International & National Relations Committee and other Nigerians. NIFST was well represented at the congress and IUFoST has refunded the NIFSTers who were denied visas but made payment for the congress.
The 17th World Congress took place in Montreal, Canada in August 2014 and the theme of the congress was “Strengthening Global Food Science and Technology” which was designed to focus on international collaboration and cross disciplinary international responses to urgent food related problems.
IUFOST charged members to continue to connect national and international policy to food science through

Partnership with industry, policy makers, academics and other disciplines (including those related to climate change and water resources management) are the essential ingredient to food safety, food security and sustainability of food resources.
It was agreed that the active engagement of industry is necessary for the development of future food scientists and technologists, together with the urgent need for recognition of central and vital role of food science and technology in sustainable growth.
IUFoST is the global body representing more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists and the only elected representative of food science and technology to the international council of science. This scientific credibility and leadership must continue to leverage with other international organizations, government and industry.
Some of the delegates talked about the role and responsibility of IUFoST which is an international organization representing a very valuable professional skill base. The vision 2030 report is designed to utilize the international status to influence and communicate with other international bodies and with national academics, national bodies and universities to raise our profile and interest young people in the discipline.
Other young scientists also mentioned the opportunity IUFoST provided to leverage and spread the word, to educate and make change.
Several other workshops took place during the congress which includes;
Aflatoxin Management Workshop
The workshop was designed to inform scientist worldwide and within IUFoST member that are interested in Food Security about the latest development in AFLATOXIN prevention and reduction and to discuss ways of implementing latest technologies.
Young Scientist Workshop and Activities
Over 150 young scientists participated in the pre-congress young scientist workshop, led by the eight young scientist winners from with the support of Academy Fellow Mentors and Governing Council Members.
Food Safety
The expert panel on food security first agreed that an interdisciplinary perspective was essential to the issues around food security. The resolution revolved around global demand scenarios and how to address them; reducing the demand trajectory; filling the production shortfall; and avoiding losses from current production. Among the issues identified were gender inequality, capacity building, new technologies, and interdisciplinary challenges, including climate change.
Education/Distance Education
IUFoST has to date created or adapted 11 subjects for teaching fundamental principles of food science and technology to participants through a mentor-moderated system. The 11 courses were aimed at participants who are working in the food industry without former education or background in food science and technology. The recommendation of the discussant is to make the material available on website for general use and also to ask those using the materials to register their use as a mentor or participant, and to generate and evaluate reports on use of the website.
Other group such as food engineering, emerging issues, scientific information bulletins, food chemistry focus group, fresh produce working group, religious, ethnic and ethical foods working group and others made several recommendations according to their respective findings and recommendations to IUFoST in a bid to create a future for the profession.
IUFoST Awards
31 new fellows were inducted into International Academy of Food Science and Technology IAFoST.
Four scientists were acknowledged with awards for their outstanding service to IUFoST and its mission over many years.
The 4th global food industry awards showcased the creative work of food innovators from around the world nominated by members of the food industry. Awards were presented to 11 finalists for excellence in three categories: food production, packaging and communications. Four finalists received honorable mention recognition.
The Shinho Company of China was the winner of the president’s award for outstanding contributions in the area of innovation towards the development of safe and healthy food.
Nine teams were chosen as finalists in the food Science Fighting Hunger category, while four graduate’s papers were selected for consideration by an international panel of experts.

2016 IUFoST Congress
The 2016 edition of IUFoST congress will hold in Dublin, Ireland, August 21 – 25, 2016.
2018 IUFoST Congress
India will host in August 2018 in Hyderabad, India.

The WAAFoST executive met during the IUFoST congress and resolved to hold a congress in 2015 1st quarter and IUFoST has promised a part sponsorship while we still hope to look for a major sponsor for the 2015 WAAFoST congress so as to make the event a memorable one.
Resolutions at the meeting of WAAFoST held in Canada are as follows
WAAFoST website must be developed and it must accommodate French and English languages for easy communications amongst the member countries.
Budget of the workshop/congress must be sent to all executives of WAAFoST.
The new proposal (theme) and the list of key people expected at the congress must also be sent to IUFoST.
IUFoST website will also be available to advertise the congress.
Awards event must be organized to honour some personalities in the sub region of West Africa to raise financial support and create a stronger relationship amongst the West African sub region.
Secretaries of all Food Science Association in the member countries to send database of their members to WAAFoST secretariat, this is to allow for membership drive.
Life Science Institute of Ghana can be contacted for sponsorship.

The list of the Executive Members of Ghana Food Science Institute to be provided by Tano-Debrah, University of Ghana/HOD FST.
ECOWAS can also be contacted for sponsorship of congress programme.
There is need to write companies to exhibit their products during the congress/workshop to raise fund for the association.
The congress/workshop will take place in March 2015 in Lagos.
Proposed there: “Promoting Food Safety through Advocacy, Regulation, Research and Development”
IUFoST to co-sponsor through additional funding, President of IUFoST will be at the congress and partnership through initiative must be developed. UNIDO should also be invited to the congress and IUFoST governing council will be made to meet government officials during the congress to discuss fundamental issues in relations to food development and other food related issues.
WAAFoST as a body lost her president Prof. (Dr. Engr.) Egounlety, Moutairou Aristide, who passed on Saturday May 24, 2014 at Hubert K. Maga U. C. H, Coutonou at age 61. WAAFoST has written a condolence letter to the family and the Vice Chancellor of The Universite D’Abomey, Calavi where he was as a lecturer till the death called. The Vice President of WAAFoST Dr. Bola Osinowo sent a delegate sponsored by him to Calavi in Benin Republic.
Prof Osaretin Taiwo Ebuehi, the WAAFoST General Secretary, lost his wife in the month of July (Dr. Mrs. Margaret Ebuehi). W sent Condolence letter to Prof. Ebuehi O. A. T. and the Vice President Anglophone and a member of the INRC Committee visited him in his house
3.0 The Gulf International Food Exhibition
In the course of the year the committee announced The Gulf International Food Exhibition – the biggest food exhibition which was held in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE in February 23 – 27,2014.
3.1 Research Briefs
Fish Oils May Help Preserve Brain Cells – a study published in neurology shows that people with higher level of omega – 3 fatty acids found in fish oil may also have a larger brain volumes. Shrinking brain volume is a sign of Alzeimer’s disease as well as normal aging.
Blackberry Juice Supplement May Inhibit Food Borne Disease – berries such as blueberry; blackberry and raspberry possess several biological activities including antimicrobial and nutritional effects. A study published in Food Control shows that blackberry juice may be used as a preservative in food processing and a preventive in food borne infections and as a natural antimicrobial. For more information; visit
Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative – IUFoST is leading the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI) which is supported by the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) and facilitated by the World Bank which is designed to identify gaps in food safety curricula, establish and harmonise core competencies at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to improve food safety and security worldwide.
Two surveys were reported to have been circulated to achieve this: an academic institutions survey and a food – related industry, government or non-governmental organization survey. IUFoST also expected NIFST to forward the surveys to their network and other stakeholders in academia, industry, government agencies and beyond and urging them to respond. For further information: visit

Dr. Bola Osinowo
Chairman, International & National Relations Committee