Physicochemical Properties of Flours from Five Nigerian Rice Cultivars

Nigerian Food Journal – Volume 36

Chinma, C.E., Azeez, S.O., Olaitan, O. H., Danbaba, N., Anuonye, J.C., Oloyede, O.O.


Physicochemical properties of five Nigerian rice cultivars (Bisalachi, Ebagichi, Lamiyatu, Majalisa and Walue) were investigated. Length, width, ratio of grain length to width and one thousand grain weight of the grains were determined. The colour attributes, proximate composition, amino acid profile, minerals, B-vitamins and phytic acid content of the flours were evaluated. The rice cultivars were long (Ebagichi, Lamiyatu, Majalisa and Walue) and medium (Bisalachi) grains. The 1000-kernel weight varied between 15.98 g (Bisalachi) and 22.37 g (Lamiyatu). Protein, carbohydrate, amylose and total amino acid content of rice flours ranged from 5.82 to 11.48 %, 74.57 to 80.90 %, 20.56 to 23.84 %, and 7.29 to 8.06 g/100 g, respectively. Aspartic and glutamic acid had the highest concentrations in the rice samples. The flours are rich in minerals and some B-vitamins. The increased consumption of the rice cultivars is recommended and applications in food systems need to be exploited.

Nigerian Food Journal – Volume 36


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