How to Ace the Quality Managers Interview Questions – PART 1

Posted by Olutaller Akinwole

On May 6, 2020
How to Ace the Quality Managers Interview Questions

11 points to Note You can be tested in each of these areas during the interview.

  1. You need to have a project you have championed, owned or have been involved in one as a team member that saved cost, improved your process or an initiative novel to the company don’t go to the interview ground clueless because you will be asked about your experience in your previous company with respect to what you have achieved with them.
    Tips = the project must be on cost savings, new product development, process improvement initiatives, specific issue management
  2. You need to have a strong Food safety management systems background especially. You will be asked about your experience with Food safety. It is expected you have a sound HACCP knowledge, Pre-requisite programs, process validation. A friend of mine recently was interviewed for the role of a quality manager and he was asked to explain his experience with Food safety management systems, what are Pre-requisite programs, list them. It will be embarrassing as a potential candidate for a QA manager role and you don’t know this basic and core foundation in Food safety management systems
  3. Supplier management experience. You are likely to be tested in this area. You need to have experience in this area. Know what supplier requirements is required, know the ISO clauses for supplier management, know how to qualify, audit and approve a supplier
  4. People management skill = you will be tested in this area
    Your job will require working cross-functionally and your collaborative skills will be tested. You need to mention your collaborative team and prove you don’t work in SILO but work as a business owner. I have mentioned severally that you need to start thinking like a business owner as a quality manager that you plan to be rather than being rigid to a procedure written several years ago that you should have been validated and updated to suit the current business realities
  5. Process improvement skill …
    This is a very critical success driver. The current business realities require those who are quick to make decisions, challenge the status quo Being able to turn around bad results to good results. Maybe where you are going to have escalating complaints rate, poor quality product, high cost of running.
    It is expected to you already have your 6 months plan ( I discussed this before ) how you intend to turn things around whether it is a problem or not
  6. Confidence = No matter how sound you are you cannot land the job if the interview is not a chat. You should quickly make. the interview a chat rather than looking like you are writing a final year exam. The interview becomes a chat first by being confident and also knowing the Q- stuff. Your experience alone should help u quickly convert what is supposed to be an interview to a Chat Once you are able to switch it to a chat then your confidence increase the more. How do you convert an interview to a chat? simply by sharing your experience from every question asked turn every question asked to a scenario-based response.
    You don’t need to memorise generic response you find online. You need to explain every answer with experience you have had
  7. Audit Experience.  This is also very important as every company want a quality manager who can continually help their company retain, obtain a Food safety management system certification or re-certification. They want to be sure you are able to Plan an audit, carry out an audit, review the audit, implement smart actions
  8. Cost control = I often mention this as a skill. You need to be able to reduce cost and go lean. You need to continuously see how you review your process, cut unnecessary cost in every area within your function
    Cut cost around.
    Consumable use.
    Sampling plan.
    Use more of automated process rather than manual…
    Some lean initiatives to reduce overhead
  9. KPI setting – ability to set KPI breaking them down with smart actions and being able to communicate same to top management.
    You need to be able to put in place actions to achieve the goals
    You consistently review the actions to see if you are making progress
  10. Data Analysis
    This is a skill that you need and can be tested during an interview. The quality department generates a lot of Data. You must have the skill to be able to make a sense out of the Quality Data and be able to communicate same to top management and other cross-functional colleagues
    Results need to be trended and areas, where there are off-spec, is taking through corrective action process
    Basically using Histogram, pie-chart, line graph etc
  11. Organized Thought…

Finally, you need an organized thought. Have in advance scenarios based answers.

You need to already forecast and know what questions will be asked

In having an organized thought you need to prepare very well

You don’t gate crash into an interview. You need to be prepared

When you are called you don’t need to prepare to get to that level and I can assure you that you will Ace every interview.

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