Posted by Oluwasegun Ikotun

On March 26, 2021
Glossy with a spicy scent, Uziza leaves are used in yam, pepper soup, Egusi soup, the classic traditional pepper soup broth, and Oha/Ora soup. It is called Uziza by the Ibo tribe, Iyere by the Yorubas, Edusa among Ibibio, Etinkene for Efik people, Andebe-ahinhi akpoke in the Edo tribe. As one of the most pungent and flavourful of all the other Nigerian leafy vegetables, the consumption of Uziza leaves has spread to neighboring countries like Cameroon, Ghana, Benin Republic, and Liberia. It is used for flavoring, seasoning, and giving aroma to meals. In Eastern Nigeria, Uziza leaves are usually part of post-partum care to clean out the placenta, other remains in the womb, and enhance uterine contraction. For others, it is used in conjunction with rheumatic treatment, asthmatic treatment, and weight control as well.