Posted by Adaora Anozie

On November 17, 2015

It is commonly believed that agriculture is all about dirt, mud and just too messy! All that coupled with the fact that it yields little profit; apparently discourage many from going into it.

But frankly speaking, agriculture and farming in the 21st century has shifted from this conventional method because it has imbibed the use of various machineries that makes farming easier, and professionals are now available to ensure profit is made.

Agriculture has now become homelike for everybody – the scientist, researcher, business advisor or the retailer.  Some careers in agriculture include: the farm worker who does the physical work of caring for the stock and/or livestock, he also operates the machinery on a day-to-day basis. There is also the farm manager who manages the activities in the farm. He has to possess strong business skills coupled with knowledge of the crops and livestock.

There are the consultants who perform the task of gauging complexities in the agricultural sector; they give advice to farmers on how to run their businesses in order to ensure maximum benefits, and also what crops or stock are good for specific markets. Agronomists ensure the overall health of the farm, what methods should be used to keep the crops healthy and free from diseases. Feed nutritionists advise farm owners on what to feed the livestock with, to enhance optimum reproduction and performance.

In order to make farming enjoyable and easier, modern equipments such as the tractor, plough, harrow, cotton picker, conveyor belt, grain cart, rice huller, milking machine, bale lifter, farm truck, sprinkler system, planter, scythe and many more are designed for specific purposes with zero tolerance for error.

Agriculture doesn’t ask for so much from its practitioners, all that is indeed required for all other ‘hurdles’ to be crossed is a passionate mind and willing hands.

Culled from AgroNigeria