#FACT SEED- The Ever-green potential of ‘Cucumis Sativus’

Posted by Adaora Anozie

On January 30, 2017

“Cucumis Sativus” generally known as Cucumber is a vegetable fruit that is loaded with benefits not known to many. It is best grown in farmlands close to a waterbed. This is expedient as cucumbers are usually more than 90 per cent water. It is also pertinent to note that cucumbers need to be grown in a rich humid soil as they are often planted in raised beds of about 6 inches high.

Cucumbers are very easy to cultivate and only need about 36 days before harvesting depending on the climate. Some of the seeds can produce 500kg, 200kg or 50kg cucumber per hectare while others can produce up to 1 tonne, 2 tonnes or 3 tonnes.

The health benefits that abound in “Cucumis Sativus” include:

– Weight loss and digestion

– Rehydrates the body

– Cures diabetes

– Boosts skin care

– Reduces cholesterol

– Helps in hair care

Nigerians are encouraged in the spirit of greenness to seize the opportunities in the abundant and ever-green potential of “Cucumis Sativus”.

Culled from AgroNigeria