Posted by Adaora Anozie

On May 10, 2016

Any cursory follower of contemporary activities within the Nigerian agricultural space will notice the ’emergency level’ scarcity of tomato across the country.

It will be recalled that about this time last year, AgroNigeria had embarked on an expensive national awareness programme aimed at sensitization about the immediate causes of tomato scarcity experienced across the country, at that time. This prompted spirited effort on the part of stakeholders to address the trend. But, the question is, how effective were those efforts?

Well, the jury is back. As the current unbelievably high price of tomatoes across the country clearly shows, the authorities have failed woefully in terms of rallying existing energies to address the problem. A basket of tomatoes which sold for between N500 – N800 about a month ago, now goes for N17,000 and N20,000. That kind of inflationary leap would leave even Elon Musk and his Tesla Rocket Program gasping for breath.

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